Monday, October 14, 2013

The Best Me Day

I took today off because I knew that after a weekend with Mona Lisa, I would have laundry to do and frankly, I missed my late night Saturday night of staying up really late and sleeping in and I just did not want to deal with work after having such a super fantastic weekend with her.

So my Saturday night was my Sunday night.  I crawled into bed around 2ish, after swatching and blocking my simpliworsted yarn.

 Originally, it was going to be the Purl Hunter's block afghan, which I changed my mind on after someone told me that I could wash and dry the yarn?

 I don't know about that, I think it might do just fine, if I washed it on the delicate cycle or hand washed it and dried it in the dryer which was what I did on my swatch.  The only thing about this yarn (of which I bought two colors of) is that from the swatch it appears that it might get a little fuzzy.  At the moment or as I went to bed last night, I am still not sure what this will end up as.

After a little cleaning up in the basement today, and putting some tanks and short sleeve shirts away (we had our first frost this morning, and the temps for the rest of the week are going to be in the 60's), and doing some most needed vacuuming, I had the luxury of sitting in a nice deep warm bath with my spiced pumpkin coffee and a fun book.  It was pure heaven!

The rest of the day I spent in the yarn room doing a little re-arranging and looking for some Kid Silk Haze that I want to work into a shawl.

We are supposed to, in the very near future, have our kitchen remodeled (down to the studs and a small 3 foot extension added on).  I am patiently waiting for a really reasonable contractor to give me a call.  He told me two weeks ago that it would be two weeksish and they would be ready to start since they were not super busy.  Today, I sit anxiously awaiting the call since today is two weeks.  Okay, not waiting patiently.  What I know is if he were to call, I would really have to make haste to get everything out of the kitchen for him.  Some of the living room things will have to go into the yarn room which will be quite cramped for a while and also means that Mona Lisa won't have a place to sleep.  Which means that we will have to go to her...and maybe get a decent cooked meal during the remodel!

It has been a great day for me today.  Now, while I get ready to go back to work tomorrow that has some challenges facing me, I am going to sit here in my comfy chair, have a cuppa and see if I cannot finish my Faroette Shawl while I watch, hopefully, my Cardinals win #3.

Life is good today!

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