Monday, October 28, 2013

Seriously Swatchin

On Saturday evening, I started swatching for this.  The pattern starts at the collar and is worked down.  The gauge is swatched in stockinette.

Which I did.  I knitted a serious swatch, starting with size 9's because I am a super loose knitter.  But, in this case, I had to jump up several needle sizes.  That just never happens.  Finally, I got gauge on a size 11.  1/2 size larger than recommended needle and that is something I never do.

Fast forward to yesterday, I cast on with my size 11 needle, started the collar.  Whoa!  The collar was larger than what I would have needed for 1/2 a body.  I went back to my size 9 and finally am now semi-comfortable with a size 7.  What the heck!?

I now have a collar that is closer to what it should be.  I wish you could feel this yarn.  It is so soft, I am so going to love wearing this sweater!

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