Tuesday, October 28, 2014

All I Needed Was Some Blocking

I finally got around to blocking a couple of things on Sunday.

The Water's Edge Shawl is finally finished and ready for some wearing.  It is knit out of Berroco Folio which is alpaca and rayon.  I love the feel of it, even though it was a bit slippery to knit with.  I was a bit iffy of it when first off the needles as it was a bit of a mess. And even more, when after blocking, I was a bit skeptical.  But, I used my blocking wires up the spine and across the top of it, and am really pleased with the final product.

While blocking on Sunday, I thought I could block my Gibson by Norah Gaughan at the same time.  I miscalculated the space on the table, so it was a bit squeezed in, so I re-positioned it out last night after pulling the Water's Edge off the table.

Gibson was knit out of Kodiak and has been waiting since March to be blocked.  At the time, I figured I wouldn't be wearing it until this Winter so there was no big rush to complete the blocking.  I, also was thinking I might have to rip the bottom bind off out and add a bit more to the length, but this one too, behaved a bit better after blocking and I think it is going to be just fine as is.

Normally, Kodiak would be just a bit fluffier than I would buy for a sweater, but I couldn't resist the softness of the yarn when I bought it last Fall.  Little did I know how much it would shed, so this is definitely not going to be a sweater to be worn over a white top!

I have two more projects in my blocking basket, one needs to sewn together and then finished the rest of the way.

The other is going to require blocking wires too, maybe I'll tackle it next Sunday.

For now, I am pretty pleased that I am down two in my blocking basket!

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