Sunday, October 19, 2014

When Posts Go Wrong

Today's blogpost was going to be how I was going to be monogamous  and knit only on my Multanomah Shawl.  

I was going to say how it was 39 degrees this morning, and I decided that I should knit knit knit on one thing and see how quickly I could finish it and then go onto the next, and onto the next, and before you know it I would have a whole lot of finished shawlettes to wear right now when we are in that in between weather stage.

I was going to say that my evenings of sitting on the front porch knitting are over until Spring, since we have put the rocking chairs away for the season.  There just isn't enough light or warmth to sit on the front porch at night after we get off of work and have dinner etc.

What I really am going to post about today is how many wonderful things I have spinning around in my head that I want to be knitting on.  Since last week, when I first found out about the wonders of hooking my laptop up to the t.v., I've been having a whole lot of fun watching stuff.  This morning, I finished up watching Anne Hanson's video from Interweave on blocking.  I am so glad I bought that DVD, it was worth it.  

NowFor  after watching it, and seeing the backdrop with her stuff pinned to it, it just makes me want to head over to Ravelry and choose what I am going to knit with her yarn that I bought at Yarn in the Barn a couple of weeks ago.  The original sweater I purchased it for is not what it wants to be.

It is okay to look and not touch right?  A bit of looking and then it is back to my Multanomah.  After all, I am not going to be able to wear it if I don't knit on it.  See, I do have some control, not much, but some.

Have a great Sunday!  

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