Saturday, October 04, 2014

Yarn in the Barn

Once a year in October, Briar Rose Fibers holds their Yarn in the Barn.  Chris does not have a storefront, but she does have an online shop where you can buy her yarns from.  I see her at Meg's in July and well, I love her yarns.  Sue wanted to go and check them out, and well, I couldn't let her miss the opportunity, so I had to go with her.  

We drove up yesterday and came back today.  It was a super trip and it has been sometime since we were together and get caught up on things. 

It was really nice to see all of Chris' yarns in one place and touch and feel them all.

Sue tried on the sweaters that Chris had hanging in the booth and all of them looked really good on her.  This one of Carol Feller's looked especially nice, but my fave was Blumchen by Anne Hanson.  It look really good on Sue.

I got another hank of Sea Pearl and one of Anne's patterns for a crescent shawl.

Anne Hanson was teaching classes this weekend, but I opted to visit her booth instead where I came home with this super cool cowl that uses Anne's yarn and 4th of July from Chris.  It has a slip stitch to it, I am excited to knit it.

I found just the charcoal yarn that I was looking from Anne's shop along with her Interweave Knits on Blocking Knits.  I've been going to order it, so I was pleased that it was there to buy.  I've been going to try her yarns too, so I was doubly pleased that I could touch and feel them all!

Sue introduces me to the coolest places.  On our way home in the 39 degrees, sleety weather we stopped here, where she introduced me to drinking chocolate.

And truffles.  OMG!  We had to get a drinking chocolate to go and IF we could have we would have put our finger in the cup and got every last drop out of it.  OMG!

It was a wonderful weekend and I feel so rejuvenated already.  Maybe, it is because chocolate was involved, maybe it was just the great service we had, maybe it was the new person we met all the way in Michigan and come to find out she lives just an hour away from us or maybe it was spending time with a friend knitting and talking.

Yep, I think it is all of them.


Andi said...

I agree that chocolate may have had something to do with the rejuvenation. But I think the company of good friends, beautiful yarn and time away were an even bigger part!

Penny said...

You are so right Andi!!!

Sue said...

It was a great time all around, just too short!,,