Saturday, October 18, 2014

On A Dreary Chilly Saturday

What a great day to be sitting and knitting and watching people spin.  This is my fourth time going to the Bishop Hill Fiber Guild's Annual Spin In.  I really don't spin, although I do know how to drop spin but not well.  The nice thing about the Spin In is you don't have to spin because there is a sufficient amount of knitting to wet your appetite with a dose of spinning.

And although there were fewer vendors there this year, I still managed to come up with a couple of things to buy.  It seems almost every year, I buy some sort of sox there.  Last year it was my Llama sox, this year, these cuties.

And from a local dyer, comes this beautiful yarn.  Knitting Friend, Becky knitted a Multanomah Shawl (not out of this yarn) and was wearing it over a simple little navy t-shirt, which got to me thinking.

This would be the perfect look for me for work when it is not cold enough for jackets or sweaters or turtlenecks, but when you need just something to finish off the outfit.

After a stressful and disappointing week at work, it was nice to talk knitting with friends.

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