Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Wednesday Website

A few weeks ago I ordered from StevenBe's website the book from the Stephen and Steven Tour.  It didn't come and I gave it a couple of weeks, and then decided to track it down through Paypal.  Talk about great customer service!  StevenBe's called me and left a message asking me how they could make it right.  I called back the next day and asked if they could send it out again, because I never received it.

In yesterday's mail a black envelope came ( I love it).  Then when I opened it up, this is how the  book was wrapped.  Don't you just love it.  I almost hated to open it, but I was anxious to get a look see at the book.

 In the package was a nice note, saying how they appreciated me for letting them make it right, and they were enclosing this notions bag with my order.

How cool is this customer service!?  Someday, I hope to get there in person.

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