Sunday, October 12, 2014

Getting What You Wish For

Yesterday at the shop, I said I wouldn't mind at all if today it rained and was a bit cold, so I would have a good excuse to sit around and knit.  

Last week the Tall Guy helped me order a cable for my laptop that would connect me to the t.v. so I could watch DVDs, video casts and thanks to the reminder from Jan, my Craftsy Classes.  (They are next on my list to see how they do on the t.v.

After getting the laundry done and some cleaning, I've spent a wonderful afternoon in front of the t.v. getting caught up on some knitting video casts and knitting on my Metro out of Splatter Dash yarn by Jojoland.  I love this yarn! It is so darn soft and cuddly.

I particularly like the seams on Metro.  They are very phony like seams and look like EZ's method only they are done during the knitting of every row.  

It has been such a lovely afternoon, sipping chai and then having coffee and knitting, so relaxing.  I apologize if you were wanting some sunny Fall weather today, but my wish was granted this time. And I am not even mentioning that four letter word that comes with Mondays.

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