Thursday, May 19, 2016

Coming In June

I know I know, it is a couple of weeks away, but I'm a planner and I'm planning my Summer already.

Knit Camp

Stitches Midwest

A road trip to some other fiber venue, who knows?!

But in the meantime what's coming to the blog in June?

I'll be starting my Summer of Shawls.  Shawls are such good Summer projects.  They are portable projects and they can go to the porch at night for knitting under the street lights and aren't terribly hot to knit on.  They make a good toss in your purse wrap when heading into the air conditioned places all around us!

During the Summer of Shawls, I'll blog about the new shawl patterns that are out there this year, along with my favorite styles, designers and some cool yarns to knit them out of.  And of course, there will be Hospice Shawls this Summer as well.

Wednesday Website will convert to Wednesday WIPS for the Summer, in an attempt to get some of those off of the needles.

Fridays will still be Finally Finished Friday, and hopefully, there will some knits to report.

And not that I have a hope of winning, but Sundays will be set aside for Sunday Stash Dash Report.  I'll hopefully have some numbers of yarn yardage to tally up.  Every year, the Knit Girllls host Stash Dash.  If you are interested on reading what it is all about, head over to the thread on Ravelry here.

The days in between, I'll share some books from my Library, because don't you love a good book in the Summer!

I'm super excited for Summer knitting, stay tuned!

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