Friday, May 20, 2016

New Magazines on the Rack

There are some new magazines on the rack at my LYS, the Fiber Universe.  Best of all I can look at them, decide if I want to buy and she gives a 20% discount on them.  I picked up a couple of them last Tuesday and thought over the next couple of days, I'd blog about what I like out of each.

  First, you will notice Interweave is not among them.  I was totally unimpressed with the Spring issue, it was more like Fall and Rustic then Spring.

First up is Vogue Knitting.  What I liked.  I like this little shell. But, of course, I would need to wear a tank under and there is no way I could get by without added sleeve length.

A design by Romi Hill.  This shawl is gorgeous and I can see this in a lovely turquoise Handmaiden Yarn.

I kind of like this one, interestingly enough.  It looks like something that you could just wrap up in on the porch some late Summer evening.  It is knit in two pieces and then joined at the back with kitchener.  One would be very proficient at kitchener when you finished this one.

This sweater is out of Heritage Silk and very much reminds me of a design by Bonne Marie Burns (Chic Knits) that I have admired.  You know what is the coolest thing?  This pattern is sized from Small to 3X.  Kudos Vogue!

This would be a perfect Hospice Wrap and has all kinds of possibilities.  I think I have to cast it on first.

What I don't like!  Seriously, I mean seriously.

Tomorrow,  Knitscene Handmade, Special Issue.

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