Sunday, May 15, 2016

What's On Tap This Week?

I'll bet you all expected to see a couple of new sweaters cast on today, am I right?  After spending the morning, trying to decide which one to cast on next, I decided to put both into a bag that has some other lovelies waiting to be knit this Spring.  Fact is, I gotta few things on my knitting plate, from now until August, and I've really got to stop going off casting on new things every time something shiny pops up.

Buttttttt, I could not resist re-casting on Hermoine's Everyday Sock for the Fancy Feet KAL over on the  Grocery Girls Podcast group.   The thing I like about sock knitting is that it is an easy pick up project for a few minutes before work in the morning.

I'm putting progress keepers in each of my projects this week to see what really gets the love in a week's time.  This one is the macaroon from Sucre Sucre.

It's home is my sock project bag my dear friend Norma made for me many years ago.

I'm finally to Band C on the Three Color Cashmere Shawl.  It is a super bright lime green and I can't wait to see it in the shawl.  The colorways of the yarn are all Willy Wonka names that I ordered from StevenBe.  It's a bright one, but I am loving it!

Another progress keeper from Sucre Sucre is a nice cuppa.

Being housed in my Mrs. Browns Bag.  I love Jodie's bags and have another one on the way!

The last two are Hospice Shawls.  This one goes to work with me for lunch time knitting, even though I rarely take lunch.  The yarn is Folio and is so soft.

Let's just say all of my progress keepers are from Sucre Sucre, okay?!

And another bag maker that I blogged about which is also a favorite maker is SilverShed USA.  I love Snoopy and I am not changing this out even though Easter is over.

And finally, another Hospice Shawl.  This one is knit on during Cardinal games and is part of the inaSknit KAL for the Summer.  It's progress keeper is a cheeseburger, my version of an all American food.

I'm knitting on one other big project that I'll show later this week.  In the meantime, Happy Knitting

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