Sunday, May 01, 2016

Ready Set Go!

It is May 1st and  cast on for The Kailyard Shawl over on the Fans of Lost City Knits Group on Ravelry.

I may have stayed up until after midnight, and cast on mine.  It took a couple of tries on Emily Ocker's circular cast on with such a fine yarn, but I accomplished it by just taking my time as I went around and around the first few rows.

 Then, I was merrily knitting along on almost three rows stockinette when I realized that I was knitting a chart and there were no three rows in stockinette that were supposed to be done.  That is when I decided it may be time to go to bed.  All is well now and I am hopeful tonight it will be on a circular needle, even if just a 16" needle.

It is a bit of a dreary day here in Central IL, so I decided to start straightening  the spare room up a bit.  I pulled out a few bags from behind the chair and as you can see by the video, I had some organizing to do.

Which in turn meant the yarn room upstairs needed some love as I took things up and put them away and gasp, are you ready?  I took some things off needles and chucked them.  They had been around way too long.

So, now, we are heading to late afternoon, my poor Cardinals are losing, so I think a bit of a nap may be in order before I get back to some knitting.  I am pretty proud of today's accomplishments on both avenues and a cloudy, dreary day is a perfect day for it all.

Happy May Day!

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