Thursday, May 12, 2016


Twice a month, I try to tell you about what happened at  Prayer Shawl Ministry.  Some Thursdays it is a bit hard to put into words what it was like.  What I want to really say is, you shoulda been there!  There were shawls and blankets and patterns and cool yarns and laughter and tears and food and coffee  and prizes and conversations and new people and fun!

Today, we heard from Bruce, a volunteer and member of the VFW, who thanked us for our blankets that are given to the Vets.  I've blogged before of how he does a little ceremony for the Vets that are in Hospice.  Today, Bruce was even choked up  and you could tell he had a hard time, conveying to us all how much our service means to them.  Voiced by one of the knitters, and in most of our minds I am sure, is how small of a token of gratitude the hospice blanket knitted in patriotic colors is, compared to their service to us as a country and also to Bruce's  service for recognizing the Vets as well.    It just makes you want to knit one up for the next time.

There were several impact stories today.   One was a wonderful thank you card from one of our sister knitters who is going through some health problems of her own.  Her card thanking us for our thoughts, wishes and the prayer shawl picked out just for her was especially poignant.   As it would be, it was one that I knit.  I am so pleased that she liked it and it warms my heart to hear her kind words.

Becky's husband, Jeff had a surprise presentation of a  plate that Becky helped to design and that Jeff painted and fired to recognize our work, his wife's passion for Hospice Shawl knitting and how very aware they both are of this wonderful facility and how lucky we are to have it near by.  The photo above is the plate and it will be displayed in the room where we meet.

Victoria told us of her hope for the very first meeting over a year ago, her vision for the Prayer Shawl Ministry, hoping that at least a few people would show up and how this was really a homage to her mother to start this ministry.  All she wanted was some help to knit "some"  shawls.  I don't think she ever thought how big the turnout would be!

Victoria posed to  us a question why do we keep coming back?   I don't really need to think too hard on this question.  It makes me feel good.  I am making tons of new friends who have a mission in common share the love of knitting.  When I leave the Hospice Home and head to work, I feel good.  I can tackle life and work.    I am filled to the brim with new ideas for prayer shawls.

Most of all, I want this ministry to go on forever.  Not to be maudlin or bring you down this Thursday night,  but should I ever need Hospice,  I want to go to this Hospice Home,  and I want to hear the laughter of the knitters down the hall!  And I will feel the love.

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