Saturday, May 14, 2016

I'm Thinking Sweater Weather

Blue skies and green leaves can be deceiving!  In between periods of clouds today, it has been a beautiful day when you look out from inside.

In actuality, it was a bit nippy and the wind has been blowing since last night.

I wore long sleeves, a sweatshirt and my fur lined shoes today to knitting.  Tonight, I hauled out the flannel jammies for what I am hoping is the last time this Spring that I have to do that.  Who would have thought mid May in IL we'd be doing that!

Which got me to thinking, that maybe a sweater or two may be needed for some events I will be going to this Summer that will be held in freezing, air conditioned hotels.  Couple that with the "I am dying to cast on something new", I hauled out a couple of Hannah Fettig patterns that I've must have cast on or thought about a dozen times each.

Featherweight.  I went so far on this one as to have printed out the Custom Fit version of it over a year ago.  The swatch has been done for longer than that,  when I thought I would knit my first custom fit sweater as a simple v-neck cardigan.

Then, Amy and Hannah collaborated on a Custom Fit version and I converted my then swatch info for a v-neck to Featherweight.

The yarn is Madtosh Light that I had Debbie scarfed up for me when it came in at Knit 4 Tog several years back.  This will not be a quick knit as it is done on some small needles, but will be nice for public knitting and talking.

A month or so back I was listening to Jasmin from the Knitmore Girls podcast and she mentioned how she had been wearing the death out of her Breezy cardigan.  This is one of those patterns that Hannah has patterns in a couple of weights that I've been wanting to knit as well for sometime.  When I heard Jasmin talk about the sweater and the yarn she had knit it out of, I had an epiphany.

I've had yarn from Chris at Briar Rose Yarns for a couple of years and went so far as to cast on Gnarled Yoke with it.  But had not gotten very far with it, because of the cables that were around the neck.  My mind kept telling me that no one was ever going to be seeing those cables on me for my long hair, so why bother.

As I was driving along, it hit me that I could re-purpose this yarn into Effortless.  Best of all, I've all ready got a pretty big swatch to go by.

At the moment, both of them are sitting down at my feet.  Not sure if either will be cast on tonight, but just in case they are at the ready!  That beige thing to the left, that's my heated throw, I might need it tonight!

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