Thursday, January 19, 2017

From My Knitting Library

I was reminded of these two books in my Library just this last week while watching an interview with  the authors Kay and Ann.

Kay and Ann were interviewed by Kristy Glass on her You Tube channel.  I've linked to the interview HERE and I highly recommend watching it.  The thing I like about Kristy's interviews is when she asks her guests first off, to tell her and her viewers their fiber story from birth to now leaving out whatever they choose.  There is so much to learn when the guest tells their story.  There are times when I can totally identify with their story, other times wishing that my story was the same, and almost always, they inspire me as to their journey in knitting, starting something from nothing and creating a business from our craft.

After watching the interview, I went back and checked out the Mason-Dixon Knitting website.  I followed both Kay and Ann many years ago and for some reason, they dropped from radar.  After watching their interview with Kristy, I checked out their website again.  It is new and updated and I think I'll start keeping better tabs on them again.  Here is their link if you want to check them out as well.  Mason Dixon Knitting

The website has lots of layers and there is a lot of great knitting information and directions, it may take me a while to catch up on all of it!

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