Sunday, January 22, 2017

It's Cast On Day!

And boy do I need it!  What a crazy weekend, what a crazy period and frankly I'm spent.  It is time to get to knitting.  I've turned off the t.v. today.  I've blocked people on Facebook and I am just tired of it all.  Don't get me wrong, I care what is going on around our world, but I need a bit of a break from it all to focus on what I love doing…KNITTING  and I've got better things to do.

In just a week, I'll be preparing for my return to work.  I really thought I would have accomplished more, but I've spent a lot of the last almost 10 weeks, sitting around, usually with my phone in hand, looking at emails, playing solitaire, reading Facebook (both of which I had to take off my phone because I realized that I wasted a lot of time doing nothing), following knitters on Instagram, watching Netflix and knitting video casts, eating whatever I wanted to and could hobble in to find, drinking a pot of coffee every afternoon (when I could make it on my own) and recently staying up late and sleeping in.

It is time to resume my regularly scheduled program of acting like someone who has to work again, watching what she eats, get moving more, reading books, going places like Hospice and knitting on Thursdays and Saturdays, just knitting and enjoying each day as it comes.

And today is cast on day!  What better way to start the week and my prep for a return to society!

Over in the Fans of Lost City Knits group on Ravelry, I am hosting a knit along for the Stranded in the Highlands Toque and Mittens.  If you are a Raveler, please join us in knitting along.  This project is a perfect start to some color work practice and best of all very doable before Winter is over.

I am using colors that I think will look good with my black coat for Winter.

Some are particularly loving the fingerless mitts and I think it is totally doable to make them into mittens if you like myself have very cold hands.  But, what I love about the fingerless mitt, for me is that I have a reoccuring bout with some palm, thumb and wrist pain, and I am thinking that a nice warm mitt out of Shetland could do double duty while knitting or typing.

Have a great Sunday and do something fun!

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