Saturday, January 14, 2017

Lazy Saturday

We are just hanging out here today.  It appears that we are not going to get very much bad weather, thank the stars, but the roads were a little dicey this morning according to the Tall Guy who made a quick grocery run.

Me, I'm hanging out with my Christmas Blend from Starbucks that the Knit Wits gave me.  This is starting to be an every afternoon thing for me.

I'm catching up on some Knit Girllls today.

Knitting on my Find Your Fade that I'll blog about tomorrow or Monday.  The yarns are being housed in this super cool box.  Don't you just love Paris?!  I think Sally from the Rainey Sisters would steal this box from me if she could!

And this short little video shows you just how lazy of a Saturday today is.

Have a great weekend and be careful if you have to travel in that stuff!

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