Monday, February 20, 2006

I'm Knitting Merrily Along

I am now to the double seed stitch portion of the poncho, and hoping that I have enough yarn to complete. Time will tell and I will continue watching.

A couple of things that really helped me out as I was knitting the lace portion and the 2nd stitch portion are pictured below. The one that is not picturd was my note cards. I've showed those before, but they really are a life saver when doing the lace so I don't have to look down at the chart.

I hate to repeat myself, but markers helped out tremendously, especially in the first two patterns. The black one signifies the center front and the center back. At these spots on every other row, I had to decrease, and these markers helped me to remember that. The little tail on the cast on spot (center front) signified where I would start the next round. It helped. I probably should have used a different color, but I used a lot of markers on the 384 stitches and couldn't spare one of the other colors.

When I finally got to a point where I did not need the notecards, this bright green tape helped out. My chart is in a plastic folder, and I could lift the tape off after each round. It sat down next to my chair in my basket and all I had to do is glance down to see what I should be doing. I put little pencil marks on the left side of the chart on every other row where I needed to decrease at the CF and CB.

I have given myself til Wednesday night to do the 16" of the double seed stitch. In the mean time, I'm watchin the yarn dwindle.

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