Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Yes, I would. But, yesterday, I got my new computer. The boys set it up for me, but there are things that need to be re-installed. So I did a little of that last night. There are things on my old computer that I need and I am afraid that will be lost. They tell me there is something called a crossover cable that might work. Although, I distinctly remember that the CIS people at work didn't do that. Ah ha, I remember, they put it out on the network and then grab it back. I may have lose some one time software that I purchased so I might have to investigate that.

I am going to have to shake my booty, if I want to be at my self-imposed point on Arnhild's poncho by bedtime tomorrow night. Except for a couple of stitches yesterday at lunch, the poncho sat there.

Even some Olympians have to take time out to rest.

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