Thursday, February 23, 2006

What Was I Thinkin?

Or at what time of the night did read the final directions? I thought they said work pattern C and D for 16". All of sudden, something told me tonight to look at those directions again. Well, maybe it was my knitting that spoke to me. I just transferred the stitches to a 24" needle because they were getting a little tight. I looked at it and thought 16" and I've just knit a little more than a third of the way? And the stitches are getting tight, the neck is getting smaller. What will it look like by the time I do 16"?

So I hauled out the instructions. It SAYS work pattern C and D until PONCHO is 16"! And mine is at 19" now. 3" too much. But, calmer heads prevailed, before I ripped it back 3". 16" of a poncho length is shorter than I want it. 19" is good. I'll just adapt the neck decreases as I do the ribbing to come out close to the correct number of stitches for the neck bind off.

And to think, earlier this evening I thought that I would not get my gold medal! And to think, a couple of days ago, I thought I wouldn't have enough yarn. Is this what giving up caffeine has done to me?

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