Saturday, February 11, 2006

Opening Ceremonies - Knitting Olympics

The Knitting Olympics is meant to be a challenge for me and so far it is aptly named. My hard drive is failing on my computer so it will not let me in to the web or my email. So, I am at the mercy of my children's computers. Which means I can't post any pictures. Which also means, I think I might just have to buy a new computer! And it could not come at a worse time. I just don't have time to wait on it to get ordered, get shipped, arrive and get set up! Technology is good, but when it is bad it is very bad!

I was so excited to be able to sit down tonight and cast on Arnhild's Poncho! Had my coffee ready, needles in hand, and thought perhaps before it all started, I would see what is happening out there in blogland. I knew there was something wrong last night, by the whirling sound it was making, but I thought maybe it was just dusty. No such luck, one of the boys popped it open an blew out the dust, but tonight it is back to it's old tricks!

So finally, giving up, I casted on. 384 lovely stitches! What was I thinkin? And of course, the first try, I did not pull out enough yarn to long tail cast on. See, what I mean by a challenge?? With the computer and now having to recast on, I just wanted to send the yarn and the computer across the room, much like a disc in the summer olympics. But, wait, this is the Winter Knitting Olympics. So, recasting on, discovering at the time that I got all 384 stitches on the 24" needle, that it is almost impossible to see if the 384 stitches are twisted on that small of needle. OY!

So, off to my worm bag I go, looking for a longer size 7 needle. Of course I don't have one! But, wait, isn't that the same size I was using for the Pyth Jacket? Why yes. So out of the Pyth Jacket it comes, into the poncho it goes, and the whole time I am praying that when all of the stitches are there on it that I have not twisted anything. TaDA! No twisted stitches.

First hurdle over. There I go again, this is the Winter Knitting Olympics not the Summer! So let's say I've just done my first triple axle. Tomorrow, I am shooting for some fancy footwork in my program, cause hopefully, I will be able to see if the pattern at the center front and back are truly mirror imaging as they are suppose to or if I have just fell on my fanny!

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