Monday, February 13, 2006

Markers - They Are The Saving Grace

It was a smart woman who invented these ring markers. It was a smart woman who decided to use them during the second cast on of my poncho. When there are 384 stitches and pattern changes, one needs to know where one is in the scheme of things. I can't believe I was smart enough to use them.

I am merrily knitting along with my Olympic Challenge, but it sure seems like I will never get to the end of the first border that needs to be worked 4 times! I sure hope I have enough yarn. I have almost used one and am just into the second repeat. I am hoping to have all 4 repeats done by tomorrow night. At that point I will know if the decreases that are being done on the center front and center back look right. If they don't, the world will probably hear me scream about it!

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