Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Have You Noticed The Knit Content On T.V?

I just love it when I tune into my favorite t.v. programs and see knit content.

A couple of years ago, Everwood on the WB had a girl running a yarn shop and doing fake i.d.'s behind a current. Earlier this Spring, the yarn shop of hers was the scene of some heavy sex on the table in her shop, all surrounded in yarn.

Grey's Anatomy had several weeks of the characters knitting.

And last weekend, while watching the Indy Time Trials there was an Aleve commercial with someone around my age with arthritis. She was knitting at the end of the commercial after giving the benefits of Aleve and her line goes something like this
"Now, I am going to go out swinging or maybe knitting"

I love it!

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