Saturday, May 20, 2006

If I Knew Enough I Would Be A Computer Geek

I have discovered that I like computer stuff, but I really don't know enough to really delve into it full force. All I learned about the stuff is what my husband buys me and what I see at work.

But, knitting gadget geek? I learned everything I know from other knitters and alot of it comes from the Radicals. Several years ago, Char R introduced us to the worm bag for our knitting needles. I used to have mine in a binder in those plastic sleeves. It served it's purpose, but was very difficult to travel with. And everyone knows that when you travel you need to take every needle you own! Last week at Radicals, Jan showed us her traveling gadget bag. She took a smaller version of this worm bag and uses it for all of her knitting tools and gadgets.

This is my version. A tackle box from Walmart. I have been using it for several years (someone on a list or a knitting thing probably told me about it). It is two sided and it holds all of my gadgets except for those next to my knitting chair and those in my one tote bag.

I have alot of tote bags. So many that when I get a room, I think it would be cool to hang them all on nails on a wall as a collection (won't the tall guy love that!). I noticed the other night after I got home that I had several bags that have sub knitting gadget bags in them. One for work, one for Radical Knitting, one for when I sit outside. Consequently, there was a little of everything, everywhere. So, I condensed it all down to one knitting bag, putting the duplicates in my box above and holding out only enough for next to my chair and for my sock knitting bag.

Now, there is a method to this madness. I always thought that if an emergency arises and I need to either grab my bag fast or tell one of the three men here, to grab my knitting bag and bring it somewhere, there it would be, already to go without a thought of, "is such and such in there"?

Just some Saturday thoughts for gadget holders. This blog welcomes comments on how you store your gadgets. I am always open to new suggestions. Today, I am thinking about that knitting purse. Okay, not really, but for a fleeting moment I did yesterday. One can never have enough and if you think you do, pound a nail!

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Anonymous said...

What does the little piece of paper say in your box?