Sunday, May 07, 2006

I Finally Did It!

I had a dream on Friday that the mailman delivered a Patternworks catalog as fat as our phone book. It made a loud bump when he dropped it on our porch. Now, considering that Pekin's phone book is not as big as Peoria's but still can you imagine a Patternworks catalog as fat as a phone book? Why it would have everything that a knitter would want. AND dreaming it must have meant something? So, with it being a nice sunny day I proceeded to get ready to go shop finding. I told myself I was flower shopping and who would of known that on the way to
Green View Nursery would be right along the way. Of course I forgot my list of plants that I wanted at home, so I continued on to Dunlap just telling myself that I would just see where it was and what the store looked like from the outside!

So, I went in and bought just a few things. A couple of magazines and a needle gauge to replace one of mine that seems to have went missing. I met Claudia and Nancy, two of the four owners. The Radicals were right. They are absolutely cheerful, glad to have you in their shop and they love what they are doing. I knew through Karen that their sale started next week. Evidently, there had been an ad in the paper on Saturday about the sale next week, but I had not read my paper yet. The nicest thing happened, the ladies extended the sale price to everyone who came into the store while I was there! I wondered for two hours, picking up yarn, thinking about what I could do with it, at what point I should buy it. It will be my shop of choice from now on.

The very first thing that I caught my eye as I walked in was this sock yarn. It was my color and it leaped into my hands. I'll tell you in another post why I was so thrilled.

I only bought one of each of these as I am thinking they will be perfect for my cardigan that I posted about last Thursday. I want to test them out as my sample Norwegian sweater for Meg's camp.

And because after wandering around the shop and seeing so many things I wanted to buy, but did not have my patterns with me, I bought this and promptly started it last night. This will be a great piece to take with me to knit camp when I get a little chilly from the AC.

Now, I'm ready to go back to Knit 4 Together, a truly wonderful little shop that makes you almost feel like you are at Cheers. BUT-I will not/can not go back until I have knit what I just bought. I don't need to build another stash labeled "Knit 4 Together"! So knit frantically, I will so I can maybe go back before the sale is over on the 23rd!

And yes, on the way home I stopped at our local nursery and bought my plants!

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