Saturday, May 13, 2006

Today Is A Better Day

After wallowing last night in all I had to do, I woke up this morning with a better attitude. There is something about Saturday and Sunday mornings that put me into planning mode. Maybe it is the quietness of the house, the nice hot coffee (decaf) and not having to rush out to anywhere that does it.

Almost immediately, I started my planning on the lia sophia business. I've just been foolin around with it since the end of last year. And with absolutely no parties planned for this month, I've decided to do my own. And as luck would have it, I have time off at the end of the month to do it. So, that plan is in motion. I feel good about that.

Now, I am heading over for my corner to clean up all of the knit stuff that is just sitting there in various stages. I am going to map out a plan for the knitting with a thought as to when I need each thing done, and then I am going to concentrate on those items that need to be done first. And I am going to take my knittin everywhere I go, well, maybe not to the Graduation Party I have to go to this afternoon, but certainly to the Mothers Day thing at the in-laws tomorrow!

Once that is finished, I am going to move to my calendar and FIT in the running to my schedule. I know I'll feel better and hopefully lose a little butt/stomach in the process.

It's a damp and cool day out there, but I feel good despite everything that is on my list. Despite the many things that are happening today and tomorrow, I've gotta PLAN!

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