Friday, May 19, 2006

The Radical Knitters Were Back Together

On Wednesday, our friend Jan was back from Texas for a visit. It was so nice having the Radicals back together along with our newest member Karen (more about her in later posts). We had so much fun. It was just like our old days. Everyone knitting, catching up, sharing patterns and ideas. Jan ripping out and and telling jokes that just make you laugh.

Me, I ripped back this stupid sleeve about a dozen times on Wednesday, between work and Wednesday night. Finally, yesterday morning, I finished all the increases AND really looked at it. It still wasn't right, so last night I ripped it back yet again. Here is where it is as of last night. This weekend, when I can sit and really concentrate on the increases and pattern I will get it to the point where it works even.

Of course with seeing everything that others are knitting, I had two more ideas of things I want to cast on. One, I was coerced into last night by a phone call and the fact that I wanted to throw this baby sleeve, needle, yarn and all across the room. And to think, I have three more to do this year!

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