Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Don't Know Why

But I am pooped...I've been snoozing in the chair tonight for about an hour and still can't seem to pick up the needles. I went to bed right after the ice skating last night, but still tonight, I feel like I could put my jammies on and go to bed. I could barely keep my eyes open to watch the Olympics tonight. Maybe because I am not too excited with what is on.

I've not been working on my New Zealand sweater for the Ravelmypics since the Opening Ceremonies. Rather, I have finished the February baby sweater and have been working on the leggings. I would show you a picture of the leggings, but I can't seem to drag my butt out of the chair to get the camera. So that will have to wait.

Only one more day of work this week. I decided to take Friday off and run a couple of errands in the morning and then out to the shop to knit with Debbie. My Lana Bambu came in and I can't wait to see it!

I think I'm ready for the weekend.

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