Thursday, February 25, 2010

Iowa Here We Come

Tomorrow, Sue and I are going to leisurely make our way to Ames, Iowa. There will be knitting in the car. There will be yarn shops to visit. Possibly, additional yarn may find it's way into the car as well.

I'm almost packed. Still have to decide on how much of the Lana Bambu yarn to take with me. I plan on spending a lot of time knitting on the Window Pane Sweater this weekend.

Tomrrow night, Arnhild's Knit Camp begins. I am planning on sitting in both of her design classes, one for a Norwegian sweater, the other for mittens.

I may sit in on the two socks on one long needle class. Just not sure at this time. I'm quite happy knitting on my socks with four needles, so that one is still up in the air.

Hope to post from camp. Until then, visit a yarn shop near you this weekend!


Jodee said...

Have fun Penny. I've wanted to go to this one too, maybe next year. I'm going to Meg's workshop in October again. Fun fun.

Jo Dorsch said...

Have a great time -- can't wait to see your projects!