Thursday, February 04, 2010

It's Been Crazy

At work and all around. Last weekend was a benefit for one of the ladies at work. We are still waiting to hear what the final results are, but it is going to be big, we hope.

Later tonight, the snow is suppose to set in and we should get around 4 inches before it is over. Not alot, but still, I am so tired of snow. We were just getting to the point that we saw bare yard and roads. I'm okay with brown for now....what I don't want is more snow.

I like wearing my sweaters and my new best friend shoes Merrells, but I'm ready for a break....and most of all, I'm ready for sun....all day long and into the evening. I'm ready for Spring.

My new bag for my little camera. Isn't it cute? Doesn't it make you smile a little bit? Courtesy of my friend, Norma. Did I mention she is in Florida with Jean, enjoying warm weather and sun.

Sun that is meant for us. I think I might have Gloomy Disorder. Sun would help. No snow would be even better. A week in Mexico would really help. Not this year though....concentrate on Knit Camp. Thats what I will do.

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Nancy said...

When the weather clears, go to Lowe's or Home Depot or a health food store and seaarch for Natural Light light bulbs (various companies make them). They're blue in color. They really produce better light than flourescents and have helped my mood, maybe they'll help you.