Saturday, February 20, 2010

There Is Still Some Winter Left

Last night, it snowed, today it was gone. But the weather forecasts snow for about the next three days. Then towards the end of the week when we go to Arnhild's, it suppose to get cold again.....Okay, I realize it is still February, but March is just a little over a week away, isn't it about time for Winter to stop!

So, with that in mind, there is still time for me to do a little Winter knitting.

This is so fun to knit or maybe it is just something I want to be knitting on that makes it so much fun?

The plan is to make it a tad shorter, and definitely NOT roll up the sleeves.

The color is so springy looking. It will be a great Winter sweater, but can do triple duty as a Spring jacket as well as an early Fall jacket as well!

Looks pretty good against my laptop too.

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Sigrun said...

I've never worked a garment with bamboo, except for socks. I'm curious how it wears, washes, and keeps its shape.