Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Driving Down The Back Roads

On our way to Frontenac, we traveled several two lane roads. It was interesting to note that most of the trees in Wisconsin and Minnesota had lost their leaves. We were expecting more color, but there wasn't much. On Friday morning, we were on such a road when we went by the Pumpkin Patch. It appeared to be a place where there were alot of kids from school taking advantage of the sunny weather for a field trip.

They sold pumpkins, apples, taffy apples and other goodies. There was a petting zoo wiht potbelly pigs, sheep, and goats.

We took a little time out to pet the sheep and expect her wool.

This pumpkin house is what caught my attention as we were going down the road and made us turn back initially.

A nice little side trip.

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