Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Just A Few Of My Favorites

From the new Knit Simple magazine. I am seriously giving thought to a subscription to this magazine. I seem to buy it each time it comes out and that should mean something.

Although, with alot of the magazines that I have been looking at lately, it is the ads that really draw me.

I'm not going to go out and get this pattern, because I think Chicknits pattern can be done the same way. What drew me to this pattern is the marble navy and white yarn. There is a Marble Encore out at Knit 4 Together that could be used for something very similar.

I love the color of this yarn and could see this in a Dream in Color Classy yarn. And, enlarged to be an adult cardigan for me!

And last for this post, but not least in the magazine (especially since Susan B Anderson has some darn cute animals in it)this ad for knitted bracelets kind of caught several of the Radical Knitter's eyes last week. NOT only would I knit one, but I would wear one too.

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