Sunday, October 17, 2010

Spin In Saturday

This was my first time to attend the Bishop Hill Fiber Guild Spin In at Black Hawk College. I've known about it forever, but never went. This year a couple of knitter friends (Debbie and Jenny) wanted to go so it gave me an opportunity to see what it was all about.

I was really amazed. I had a good time and will go back for. For the cost of 18.50, I got snacks, like oatmean raisin cookies (my fav cookie), a great lunch (that I couldn't eat all of it, there was so much) and could attend two classes. More about those later. There were some great show and tell to see in crochet, knitting, spinning and other mediums. There was an Estonian shawl that was to die for!

Right off the bat as we were wandering the many fiber related vendors, I connected with friends I had not seen in ages. Leslie, Lynn, Joy, and all the way from Iowa Greg (from Knit Camp 2.75 - that was the surprise of the day)

The vendors were mostly fiber related, you could buy any color or type of roving, but there were others. Soap makers, button makers, wheels and spindles, books, beaded jewelry (from Twisted Chicken, my friend from Leslie), sheep related stuff (don't you love my bag), kettle popcorn (from friend Joy) and yarn too.

We chose to sit and knit in the morning, but after our afternoon class, both Debbie and I decided we should have taken the spinning wheel class...I think she might dive in, I'm still going to wait. I have way too much yarn to knit.

In the afternoon, beginning spinning class, we made an ez drop spindle.

Then we learned very rudimentary skills in spinning. I would have liked a little more to the class. Debbie did really well with her made spindle, but since I brought mine that Cheryl had gotten out to Mielke's, I used it. I'm getting better, but the consensus was that I need to spin every day. I have this problem with it going really nice to really thick....

What a great Fall Day it was spending with friends and seeing old friends....I think I'll go again.

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