Saturday, October 09, 2010

I'm So Glad I Came

Julie and I didn't go to this afternoon's class, the Koolhaus. I doubt that I will knit it ever, but you know I have said that before. Instead we went over to Village Knit Whiz and spent the afternoon. Yes, I bought yarn, and you will have to wait for it until I get home.

This morning was Seamless Sweater Workshop. I have been to knit camp several times and have immersed myself in EZ/Meg videos and books and have knit some sweaters in the round.

One of them being Jared's Cobblestone. When I knit it, I left the short rows off, because I still have problems with them and need more practice. That aside, I thought I was pretty smart when it comes to knitting in the round, but Jared really helped me understand some of the points to make them easier, at least for me.

I am anxious to put them to work on the brown and seafoam encore pattern.

Tomorrow is Advanced Cabling Techniques and the Girasole. I am assuming that the morning session will be knitting cable sweaters in the round and steeking from the handout and the afternoon, the plan is to start the Girasole. Then home mid aftenoon.

Then Monday, I get to decompress and play with what I have learned. Another gorgeous day in Illinois!

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