Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Planning On What Knitting To Take

I am trying to figure out what projects to take along to MN Knitters Days this weekend. I know what I want to be knitting on.

I want to be knitting on the Mushishi yarn, but I can't make up my mind. I have in my mind what I want to knit. I don't want the stripes to go around me with it. I am leaning towards a side to side type sweater where the stripes go up and down and then a shawl collar. There are several patterns out there, I just don't have them. I could adapt, but today I don't think I am in to that. And quite frankly, I have spent way too much time thinking and knitting differently possibilities.

Another Wabi Sabi is in the running. Generally, I don't make the same thing more than once, but this one I might make an exception. I wear my first one to death. I love it for work and a shorter version might be kind of nice.

The Tyrolene Jacket is still in the running. One more look at Ravelry and maybe I'll have an idea as to what the striping will look like in Garter. If if is subtle, this might be a possibility.

This one didn't make the cut. It started at central front and was working towards the cuf. Just didn't feel the love for it.

So for now, two shawls will be my focus. The Batkus is knitting up fairly quickly and will be a good take along project this week.

And the Folk School Shawl is a nice diversion and I want to be wearing it soon.

Too many projects and whatever I choose, I always wish that I had packed something else. Maybe, I'll tuck the Mushishi in and stumble across one of my wish list patterns tomorrow enroute.

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