Monday, October 04, 2010

I Can't Believe

I am going to say this....I think I need a pair of fingerless mitts. There I said it! But, I actually believe it.

This morning was a little chilly driving into work and my hands were cold on the steering wheel. I sort of had an epiphany....I think I need some mitts. It is just like my first time at Meg's Camp YEARS ago...I was emphatic about NOT ever needing to knit a shawl. Now, I have shawls of all kinds casted on.

Which seg ways into how nice it would be if my Stonington would be done so I can wear it around home and in my office at work on these days when I refuse to turn the heat on yet, but I need just a little something on my shoulders.

Back to fingerless mitts. Over on the Knit Finder blog, Therese has been blogging about all kinds of fingerless mitts from simple to textured to colorwork. I think I'll start with something simple like the 75 yarb Malabrigo one only out of Cascade 220.

Can you believe it?

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Paula said...

There are so many to choose from. "Fetching" is one of the top patterns on Ravelry.