Monday, October 25, 2010

Yarn Crawling

Sue and I left Thursday morning around 10. We did not have to be at Villa Maria until Friday at 5pm. Always game, we decided to do a yarn it. Found some great shops on our way, spent a little, but not a lot, and had a whole lot of fun doing it.

Stop 1 Thursday afternoon, Lakeside Fibers. In the middle of the shop was a boat with yarn in it. Some great yarns and designs to look at.

Onto the hotel to check in where we fiddled around and then decided that we had better hit a couple of the other shops since they stay open until 8 and 8:30 on Thursday nights.
That would give us more time on Friday to stop at a couple on our way.

Stop 2 was the Knitting Tree. A skinny store with yarns along both walls. The cool part of this shop were the front windows. They had all kinds of pink in both windows for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. The pink ranged from yarn to completed garments of all ages in pink, books in pink, pink purses and pink lights. It was quite eye catching.
I just wished I had thought of taking a picture of the facade at night.

Stop 3 at the end of Thursday was Stitchers Crossing. Some great yarns and a whole lot of quilting!

And now, my favorite in Verona. The Sow's Ear, Stop 4

This is a yarn shop and coffee spot all wrapped into one. They open at, are you ready? At 6:30 AM, yes, I said AM. There is no personal service in the yarn shop until 8, but you can still come in and buy yarn. The coffee and food is to die for, I had a Choco Carmel O that was fantastic and I was wishing that I had gotten a large one and could have bottled it.

We received great service from the young gal in the yarn shop. She was so helpful when we told her what we were looking for and steered us in the right direction.

Stop 5 Salem Stitchery and Knittery

This shop was outside of LaCrosse in the country on a farm. She has loads of cool cross stitch that reminded me of how much I like it, but not enough time to do it. While she does not have loads of yarn, she has tons of colors of Cascade 220 and really cubbies for displaying the knitting needles and antiquer's delight.

Our sixth and final stop for the day was Baskets of Yarn. I picked up a really cool pattern book of beaded knitted ornaments that I'll show you later this week. The owner was very helpful and emailed me a pattern that I wanted for a bag.

Yes, there were some purchases but neither Sue nor I went overboard as we are really trying to stash down. I'll give you a report on those on Tuesday.

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