Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Project - Hand Mitts

Susannah was an excellent teacher. I realized after Friday's dinner that I had taken Japanese Short Rows from her two years ago at Stitches Midwest.

These are the start of mine. To get gauge, I had to use a 00needle. But, late on Saturday, I decided I'd risk it and now I am using a size 1 instead. Much easier on the hands.

These are my tablemates.

Some of the mitts that Susannah brought to show and some books.

On Sunday morning, we walked around the classroom to see what color combinations everyone had come up with. There were some colors you would never think about putting together that really were cool to see together.

These are some tiny mitts that a man from Finland knitted using this technique. Unbelievable how tiny they were. And I was whining about a size 00 needle!

And last but not least, these are the mitts that Susannah has knitted. They are all out of Satekili yarn, which feels and looks unbelievable soft.

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