Monday, October 18, 2010

Just Between You And Me

So the tall guy asks for a sweater. He never asks for a sweater. He wants it out of cotton. I say cotton won't be warm for winter. He says wool is too itchy. I don't have any cotton in the yarn room in a color that would be good on him. So, I pick him out a nice brown from Webs. He's a big man so I am thinking it will take somewhere on the other side of 2000 yards for him for a cardigan. I let him look at the colors, he prefers the blue, so I change the order to blue. Webs has enough of the yarn for him.

Then, I get to thinking about Berroco Comfort that I have knitted and finished the twins sweaters out of. Comfort comes in a worsted and is in a blue. I show him the Comfort, he wants the tan instead. He says it or the other one I showed him in the afternoon, whichever is cheaper. Mistake...I tell him they are about the same. If I order the Comfort he does the quick math and says that is $100. I tell him again they are about the same, the first one I just have to order more balls because it has less yardage than the Comfort and is cheaper per ball but in the long run, they would cost the same amount.

He says that is too much to spend on a sweater to sit around in. He thinks his hooded sweatshirts will be fine, he doesn't need a sweater to just put on....if only he knew....lets just keep the rest between you and me.

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