Saturday, January 28, 2012

Just A Small Side Track

 One sleeve finished on the Bloomsbury Jacket. 

The second one started despite my notes that say I only did one decrease on the sixth row.  When I looked at the first sleeve really closely, it was quite evident that I made a couple of more.  Maybe that is why I thought the sleeve felt a little tight.  BUT - I am not ripping it back at this point.

I'll just do a little blocking.
 As a reward to myself, I cast on Elizabeth Zimmermann's Baby Longies to go with the sweater and hat I knitted a couple of weeks ago.  I just felt like it needed a little more to complete the ensemble.  Not that the July baby will be able to wear it, but a baby will and maybe even the July baby will be able to in the Fall.  Not sure about that, but either way, it's a fun knit anyway.  I can always add it to the Baby Hope Chest.
 This one I could not resist casting on.  I was just taking a quick peek this afternoon at my friends activity on Ravelry and saw Wingspan. I couldn't resist casting on.  It's an easy knit.

And of course I had the perfect yarn in the Yarn Room.  Schoppel Wolle's Zauberball Starke 6.  This is the kind of knit that you want to keep knitting on to see what is coming out next of the ball and how it will look knit up. 

This one has great potential for a late night of knitting.

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