Monday, January 16, 2012

On To The Next Project

Yesterday's sweater is finished except for buttons and blocking,  So now it is back to the project notebooks to find something else that needs to be finished.

My current project book has a couple in that are WIPS but-

 what I am really trying to do is finish up some from my old notebook so I can put this one in the file.

 I put a few paperclips to signfy those that are WIPS in the Mean notebook.  A couple of these belong to Spring/Summer WIPS and frankly I am just not quite ready to be knitting on Spring/Summer yet, even though a smart woman would so they would be prepared.

I think this simple EZ sweater is the next contender for a WIP.  It's a nice t.v. project and easily finished.  And it feels so good to be finishing some things!

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