Friday, January 20, 2012

You Know How I Am!

Always searching for the perfect purse. I have lots of them. My Summer faves still remain the ones that my friend Norma made for me. They are just perfect and always my color. And just with the right amount of pockets and deep enough to carry just what I need.

Then there is the bowler from Vera Bradley. It's no secret that I have a few of those as well. Just wish that they would make it with just a tad longer handles on them.

The one thing that I have been searching for is a winter bag that I could carry that would hold my knitting.  I've kept my eyeballs open and watching passersby and on the internet to see if I could find just the right bag.  It wouldn't hurt either if I could put my lunch in it and a file or two for work, so I wouldn't have to carry two big bags.

Search and search and search.  I couldn't find just what I had been looking for since last Winter.  Voila! I had an epiphany!  I just so happened to have just the right bag hidden somewhere here. 

My Namaste bag in Peacock.  I bought it like two or three years ago.  For some reason, it wasn't that big of a hit with me then, other than the color.  It just seemed way too big.  It slid off my shoulder all the time and I don't think then I had a decent project that I wanted to carry around with me in it.   It was always collapsing on itself.  I just wasn't a fan.

Fast forward a couple of years later and I really like this for a winter bag.  Plenty of room in it and it stays on my shoulder now.  Huh?  Maybe, it is from all the extra weight in it.


I leave a knitting project in it all the time.  It is the same knitting project (a shawl) that I leave in it for emergency knitting.  If I ever need to take off somewhere in a hurry, I always have a knitting project that would pass the time away. 

I have everything I need in it.  I have stuck some files in it for work and my phone is right where I need it.

I do have my wallet and keys in the center pocket that zips so I have to dig for them.

Best of all?  It still wants to collapse on itself, but the thief who walked into my office and stole money out of my wallet a couple of months ago will have a hard time just reaching down into this one real quick.

I'm lovin my winter bag and it didn't cost me a dime...this year.

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