Saturday, January 07, 2012

This Isn't A Secret

The world knows that I have WIPS.  Thats no secret. 

Trouble for me is deciding what to knit on.  So, I made a list or a rotation or a plan or whatever you want to call it. I like to call it focus.  Too often, I am led off in one tangent or another and hence there becomes a lot of WIPS.

In my quest to spend more time knitting and less time thinking about knitting, I have a plan.

My Knit 4 Together Project:  The Cranberry Capelet from Flicker - purchased there and a project that I am working on when at the shop and when I can at other times as well, since I would like to wear it yet this year.

The Fiber Universe Project:  Jewel from Cascade 220 Sport - purchased there of course.

When At Home:  The Bloomsbury Jacket by Cheryl Oberle -- another one that I would like to wear this year, the yarn came from Webs last year at Stitches Midwest.  At times, it requires a bit of my concentration.

The Grab and Go or when I need some mindless knitting:  I'm working on a Wool Peddler's Shawl kind of sort of out of Miss Babs that I bought the main color at Stitches Midwest probably two years ago.  The contrast ruffle yarn came from Miss Babs last year while at Stitches Midwest. 

Also under this category is the Cocoon yarn vest for at home when I need some mindless knitting.  This yarn came from Iowa about 4 years ago when traveling to Arnhild's retreat.  It didn't work out for a jacket I was knitting at the time, and of course there wasn't anymore to be had so a vest it is.  This yarn is lush!

And finally, the Baby ProjectS list: still to be determined what they are. At the moment there is a Christening Shawl from Dale Baby Ull and this is a definite quiet at home project.  The jury is still out on how much I love this one or if I want to deter to a shetland shawl type christening shawl.

I picked up this yarn today at The Fiber Universe and am going to try knitting a little somethin out of it for the baby.  Can't wait to cast on it.

Thats my focus list for now.  Ta Ta!

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Sue said...

I love that cocoon!!!!!!