Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Whoosh And The Day/Evening Is Gone

I can't believe how late it is!  The day flew by at work.  Then I get a call from my realtor who also is my cousin about a house that is just going on the market tonight.  Do I want to take a look at it?  Sure.

Whoosh, it's after 9, I have not picked up my knitting at all tonight.  All I've been doing tonight is talking to the Tall Guy about the house and the pros and cons of it.  Conclusion?  I like 50% of the house, the parts with the room upstairs and down. The 50% I don't like?  The bathrooms.  I have two new bathrooms, the bathrooms tonight are not!  The rest of the plumbing, we have new plumbing, the house tonight does not. My bedrooms (2) are small, the bedrooms in the house tonight (3) are also small.  I have new hardwood floors, the house tonight has laminate floors that have seen some wear.  The cupboards in our house need replaced, the cabinets in the house tonight need painted or stained.  Our house has no counter space, the house tonight has plenty of cabinets and counterspace. 

Guess we will keep looking.  Time to do a little knitting. 

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