Monday, April 16, 2012

Baby Knitting Update

I'm doing a lot of baby knitting this week. Showers are just a few weeks away and I need/want to have a couple of my projects done for both of them.   This weekend the kids will be home, so I'll put the baby knitting away while they are here and knit on stuff for me.

The Little Heart Blanket still has about three more blocks in length til it is done.  Also, the side borders will have to be knitted on.  Along with a wash and some blocking.

I've been searching for just the right yarn for a little cardigan to go with.  I found this sock yarn over in Morton this weekend.  I spent a little time trying to find a simple little pattern and have not yet decided on what it will be yet.  Somewhere, darn if I can find it, I have a book of baby patterns for sweaters from years ago.  Do you think I can put my hands on it?!

The kids bought me this book last year, and if I can't find what I am looking for, I might play around with one of the schemtatics in the book.  Wouldn't it be cool to design a cardigan and name it after the baby?
I have other baby knitting I am working on too.  One of the young gals I work with is due any day now.  I've got the sweater and hat all done, but ran out of yarn last night on the longies.  I really didn't think the baby would be able to wear either with the warm weather we had, but now, it's taking a little turn for the cool.  I'll bop down to the yarn shop tomorrow on the way home (isn't it nice when a yarn shop stays open til 6? so we can just bop in on the way home.

So much baby knitting to do. 


Kristen said...

Baby knitting is the Best! For the variegated yarn, Helena might look pretty.

Kristen said...

Never mind, I just re read that your yarn was sock yarn!

Penny said...

Isn't Helena cute, Kristen? If not for now, is definitely a keeper for Fall!