Saturday, April 21, 2012

Saturday Musings

The kids are here from Iowa so I can't do what I normally do on Saturdays.  We are having a lazy Saturday until we have to go to MIL house to celebrate Baby Boy A, Baby Boy B, my niece and other niece's husband's birthday.

With the mom to be and Baby Boy A here, I cannot work on the baby blanket or any of the other baby knitting I am thinking about.

I am taking a little time here to search on Ravelry for more baby stuff, as if I need to be doing that.  There are some really cute things out there, but nothing that floats my boat.  I am, however, also finding some great stuff that I would like to knit for me.

I came to a realization this week after fellow radical knitter, Jo returned one of my Sally Melville books.  I have some really great books in my knitting library.  I really don't need to be searching on the net for more patterns!

Final musing - this morning, Baby Boy A asked me if I was going to move the yarn downstairs and make the other bedroom a place for the new grandbaby?  I guess I am.  Which means a new yarn room in the basement.  Or, also to be known as the stash down or knit down as it get my butt knitting and less surfin!

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