Saturday, April 28, 2012

Serious Knitting Mode

I'm in serious knitting mode this weekend.  I hope to have the heart blankie done this weekend so I can block it.  The shower is in a week and I have some other knitted things I want to include with it.

The following weekend is another shower in Iowa and I have yet another blankie with some lace that I want to finish for it.

Then I can settle down and knit towards the birth which I have a group of baby things that I want to have finished for the birth.  Remember that Moses basket liner from Mason Dixon that I blogged about a while back. 

The thought is to knit it and then fill the basket with knitted things.  Kimonos, bibs, burp pads, wash cloths.
Deadline on that is July.

Talk about having your spring knitting booked up!  Oy, I don't think I'll ever knit for me again?  I am not complaining, but well maybe more like whining.

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