Sunday, April 29, 2012

Sunday Musings

About 35 years ago, I was a crochetaholic.  I didn't know anyone who knitted.  My aunt who lived across the street was an avid crocheter and so I just gravitated toward crochet. She had a great swing in her yard that faced a fairly well traveled street, and after work at night, I would go over and sit with her for an hourish and swing, talk and crochet. 

At the time, I crocheted a lot of afghans and a couple of baby sweaters for friends.  I crocheted the Tall Guy a very large sweater out a super bulky yarn that could have fit king kong.  I remember I tried shrinking it by putting it in hot water.    Big Mistake - it grew, did not shrink!  Somewhere buried there is a picture.

At the time, I thought it was too bad that there were not more crocheted adult things.  If I had been smart at the time, I would have put on my designer hat on and created some really cool crocheted garments.  Could have been a good part time job eh?

But, because I did not really care for the look of crocheted garments (and the fact that all I was crocheting with was mostly worsted weight yarn), I turned to knitting and never really looked back on crochet.  Crochet seems to making a come back, doesn't it?!

Yesterday, at Knit 4 Together, we were discussing the line up of Stitches Midwest classes.  A couple of things that have been swirlin around in my brain, even before the discussion yesterday, have today after a good night's sleep kind of helped me make some decisions when it comes to what I knit for me.

But, the blog will have to wait for those revelations until tomorrow, I have some knitting to do on the last border of the baby blanket.  This is one I will not knit again, or if I do, I'll do the borders differently.


Kristen said...

You must locate and post the crochet sweater for your hubby made so long ago! If it's like my early attempts, we might get a good chuckle. I like to blame all my early stuff on BAD yarn! I once knit a neon yellow very scratchy acrylic scarf for a boy that I really liked! What was I thinking?

Your memories of the swing and knitting and talking with your aunt must be precious to you.

Linda said...