Sunday, April 01, 2012

This Is Tough!

I have made myself a deal...I cannot cast on something new until I finish something on the needles.  I cannot buy yarn until I complete something. 

While at Knit 4 Together yesterday, I fondled the new spring yarns.  I've spent last night and this morning jotting down what sweater/jackets and tanks or tops that I already have in my spring/summer wardrobe mostly for work and casual days. 

It is really important to me that I not buy yarn in a colorway that is real similiar to what I currently have. Even though I dearly love Caribe Blue, sometimes you need to change it up a bit.  And I have a lot of tank tops that are perfect for some spring/summer sweaters.  So, using them as a base I think I'll make over sweaters for them.

I'll be known as the Tank Girl for spring and summer and not the Evan Picone Turtle Neck lady. 

Back to the new yarns/colors my lys.

 Linsey.  I love this yarn when we saw it a year ago in Galena.  Somewhere I think I have a small booklet with sweater patterns in it that I wanted to knit last year.  I really like these two in the front.

Lago.  A new yarn from Berroco.  I need to research this one.  It has a periodic shine to it.  Love both of the colors, just not sure it's for me at this time.

Sublime.  Not a new yarn, but I love the way they moved it to the dark cabinet.  It looks so much nicer there.  And there are some new colors.  Love those 6 on the third shelf.  All of them are following me, and lord knows I have a lot of Sublime books to choose from.

Unfortunately, I just bought that bag of kelly green last week that really must be knitted up before I buy one more skein of  Sublime.  Maybe, I should deal with myself on that one too.  No more buying Sublime until I finish the kelly green. 

And last but not least. Berroco Weekend in Worsted and Chunky...can I say I love this yarn and Ultra Pima Cotton, can I say this maybe another new fave.  Nice weight, nice sheen and I think it's maybe right up there with my fave Tahki Cotton Classic and King Tut.

I forgot to take pictures of a new Lang yarn that caught my eye, but I can't remember what it was called.  And one over to the left of this pic is a uber fantastic Sierra Quatro that is mine mine mine.  It is the bestest color of all and of course we all know what that is.  I just have to take my listy and see what it might be.  But, not until something or two is finished.  That's the deal I made with myself and I'm sticking to it.

No, really I am.  Really!

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